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Michael as a child with his brothers and sisters
Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin

Michael Baldwin is an accomplished leader in the communications industry, with more than 40 years of experience. He is smart, capable, and creative and also a trauma survivor actively engaged in a process of recovery. He experienced multiple forms of trauma during his childhood—physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and neglect. Michael’s life experiences, his willingness to share them with anyone who might also be struggling and seeking relief, and his successful efforts to reclaim his life through EMDR therapy prepared him to write this book. He is founder of MICHAEL BALDWIN INC, which offers branding and communications coaching, studied acting at the William Esper Studio, and has a BS from Beloit College. He lives in New York.

Q: Why did you want to write Every Memory Deserves Respect?


A: I wanted to create this book to inspire other trauma survivors to seek relief through EMDR therapy, like I did. I hope that through sharing my own trauma history—and story—it will make it easier for readers to face their own histories and to set out on a path that leads to discovery and healing. If I had just one message for the general public, it would be “Don’t wait!” There are EMDR therapists out there, ready to help you—not like when I was in my 20s before EMDR was discovered. So if you, your spouse, child, neighbor, colleague, or friend is suffering, don’t wait! Find an EMDR therapist and begin the journey that can change your life for the better, forever.  My brother has written a series of short articles describing his experience with EMDR therapy for those interested.


buoys floating in ocean

"Without a doubt, the most beautifully written and illustrated book on the subject of trauma. The many creative and moving images, inserted throughout the text, illuminate the experiences of both the pain and recovery from trauma. These visual metaphors will imprint indelible snapshot memories in the minds of readers, providing them understanding and solace for the emotional journey of life. "
-Ella Foshay

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